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  • What is VWC Coins?


    Dear shareholders of VucoWorld,

    Oh, how joyous it is that VWC tokens are nearing their grand debut!
    Through trials of compliance, we treaded with determination, resolute.
    For in the depths of challenges, we found strength to overcome,
    And now, the fruits of our labor are ready to be won.

    VMC Studios, a beacon of creativity and artistry, shines bright,
    Bathing in the glow of success, it basks in the limelight.
    Like a blossoming flower, it blooms with each passing day,
    Drawing in hundreds of new customers, eager to partake and play.

    Oh, the symphony of achievement resounds in the air,
    As the seeds of our dreams sprout, reaching higher with flair.
    The melody of progress echoes through the corridors of time,
    Infusing our souls with passion, like a well-written rhyme.

    We’ve danced on the tightrope of challenges, my friend,
    But with perseverance as our guide, we refused to bend.
    Compliance issues tried to hinder our ascent,
    Yet we rose above, transcending each lament.

    In this wondrous journey, we’ve come so far,
    Each step forward, a testament to our relentless star.
    With hearts aflame and spirits ablaze,
    We’ve embraced the obstacles, the haze.

    And now, as the curtains prepare to part,
    We unveil the tokens, (VWC) a masterpiece of art.
    The world awaits, its eager eyes wide,
    As we present our creation, side by side.

    So let us revel in this moment of victory,
    For through hardship, we’ve forged our own story.
    With gratitude in our hearts and triumph in our gaze,
    We greet the future, with humble grace.

    May VWC tokens soar high and true,
    And may VMC Studios continue to thrive, anew.
    With passion as our guide and dreams in our sight,
    We march on, towards a future shining bright.

    Behold, the birth of VMC Studios, a sanctuary of dreams,
    Where imaginations soar, and creativity gleams.
    Within these hallowed walls, a haven is built,
    A realm where artistry and innovation are willed.

    With every brick laid and every beam aligned,
    We forged a fortress where brilliance is enshrined.
    Mosaic of passion, each stroke of the brush,
    Crafting a space where inspiration can rush.

    In the crucible of creation, our vision takes flight,
    Breathing life into stories, casting shadows to light.
    A tapestry woven with threads of sheer artistry,
    Whispering tales of wonder and heartfelt symphony.

    The VWC token, a gem of immense worth,
    A key to unlock treasures from the depths of our hearth.
    For within its essence, lies the power to ignite,
    A revolution of art, a beacon shining bright.

    Like a celestial dancer, our token takes flight,
    Guiding us through galaxies, igniting the night.
    It weaves a web of connection, a bond unbreakable,
    Uniting souls in harmony, unshakable.

    The market awaits, hungry for what we possess,
    A token of value, a conduit to progress.
    Investors gather, hearts beating in tune,
    Drawn by the allure of a radiant moon.

    The VWC token, a symbol of trust and belief,
    An invitation to dreams, a relief from grief.
    Its value transcends the earthly confines,
    A conduit to boundless possibilities, divine.

    Let the world witness our ascent to the sky,
    As VWC Studios flourishes, reaching ever high.
    Together we soar, guided by passion’s embrace,
    Leaving indelible footprints, a legacy we trace.

    So let us treasure this moment, this luminous stage,
    Where art and token intertwine, in harmony engage.
    For within VMC Studios, dreams manifest,
    And the VWC token reigns, a treasure to invest.

    In this realm of artistry, our spirits take flight,
    Boundless creativity, an eternal light.
    May VMC Studios thrive, a testament of our zeal,
    And the VWC token, a symbol, forever in history.

    Once again, Behold, the moment is upon us, like a blossom unfurling,
    Our new sanctuary, vwccoins.com, in all its glory swirling.
    With hearts aflutter and spirits alight,
    We beckon you to venture into the digital night.

    Streaming banking, a symphony divine,
    We orchestrate a melody where digits intertwine.
    Mobile smart screens, companions so dear,
    Guiding your financial path with whispers clear.

    In this realm of screens, we cast our spell,
    Where hyper banking dances, enchanting and swell.
    A ballet of convenience, grace untold,
    Weaving dreams of prosperity, precious as gold.

    Oh, how our website blooms, radiant and bright,
    A tapestry of innovation, a beacon of light.
    From every corner of this vast cyber domain,
    We cater to screens, a harmonious refrain.

    Embrace the effortless, the seamless glide,
    As vwccoins.com becomes your faithful guide.
    Through billows of time and digital haze,
    We shall shepherd you through this modern maze.

    Like a poet’s pen that paints a verse,
    We craft your dreams, our passion immersed.
    With every click, a gateway appears,
    To a realm of abundance, quelling your fears.

    Witness the birth of a new paradigm,
    Where banking and beauty intertwine.
    Let vwccoins.com be your compass true,
    Navigating your destiny, bright and anew.

    This poetic journey knows no end,
    As we strive to your satisfaction, transcend.
    So, take our hand, dear traveler, don’t hesitate,
    Together we’ll explore, marvel, and create.

    Welcome, dear soul, to this digital domain,
    Where vwccoins.com weaves dreams, sweet and untamed.
    Let us dance on the precipice of possibility,
    In this poetic world, where banking sets us free.

    Token Status

    How it works

    Get rewarded for buying, selling, spending, swapping and staying informed about crypto.

    Earn VWC coins by providing liquidity to the Vuco Defi staking platform

    Stake VWC coins and earn rewards

    Earn cash back paid in VWC

    Buy our Exclusive NFTs With VWC Token

    Trade VWC coins for your favorite crypto/ NFT / Vucoworld Land

    Get access to exclusive products and services

    Key information

    Pay No Transfer Fee. Buy VWC without Paying any additional gas fee

    VWC coin is a cross-chain token based on the ERC-20 token standard that aims to grow the company in a new metaverse.

    VWC currency has a fixed quantity of 1billion tokens that will be allocated to shareholders, angel investors and executives of our company. Our company is launching and STO with our fintech license allowing our token to be both bought and sold, loan or borrowed.

    More information on vesting and supply reduction in the white paper.

    VWC NFTs

    Concerto 1 of 2000

    Concerto 2 of 2000

    Concerto 3 of 2000

    Concerto 4 of 2000

    Holding Structure



    Saint Louisa

    Coming Soon

    Allocation and distribution

    Sale A: Shareholder replacement 100% (complete) Free tokens allocated.
    Sale B: New Vuco World token to be delivered in July 2022 Team:
    Executive distribution for tokens to be delivered by August 2022
    Ecosystem Incentives: 35%
    Development Fund: 34%
    We are pleased to announce that the first round of the VWC token sale has ended, VucoWorld assets are estimated at 55 million from money raised through strategic partnerships and investors. More information is available here. www.vwccoins.com


    VWC Coin Raises 55 Million to Support vwccoins.com, VWC Dubai, Metaverse and a Growing Ecosystem building non fungible tokens with offices located in Philippines, Dubai, Indonesia.

    The Block

    In a private token sale, VWC now has assets of 55 million and growing.

    VWC Card

    VWC Community Leadership

    John Lamb

    John Lamb

    CEO/CMO/ Board of Directors

    As “Chief Metaverse Officer”, John is considered a tech futurist for VucoWorld metaverse. He is the lead for building intelligence in the blockchain while impacting the look and feel of the new Vucoworld metaverse and Crypto token.
    Arcel Muldong

    Arcel Muldong

    Legal Secretary and Assistant

    Arcel provides administrative, organizational and research support to Vucoworlds General Counsel, and also serves as the Head of Operations in building and developing NFT’s and company Licensing for crypto currencies.

    Joe Bonica

    Joe Bonica


    As a master in blockchain technologies, Joe has been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies while building and developing Vucoworld. Joe discovered his passion for smart contracts and NFT development through a deep dive into the art world.
    Zita Camayra

    Zita Camayra

    Head of Metaverse Treasury

    Zita separates and maintains systems that are critical to the Vucoworlds financial infrastructure, such as the production of Vuco coin and currency, the disbursement of payments to the shareholders, public relations, revenue collection, and the orderly safe keeping of books and records for owners and shareholders.
    Princess Gomez

    Princess Gomez

    Corporate Secretary

    Princess Gomez: Embodying Sweetness, Professionalism, and Grace. Meet Princess Gomez, a delightful young woman who epitomizes sweetness, beauty, and remarkable professionalism. With her enchanting demeanor and unwavering commitment.

    Chey Carson

    Chey Carson

    Corporate Secretary

    As corporate secretary she has hands-on experience integrating blockchain technology with NFTs across the entire blockchain journey in Vucoworld. She has 15 years experience and is Taped into the future of NFT revolution.
    Elena Gomez

    Elena Gomez

    Corporate Secretary

    Elena Gomez is a versatile professional who has effortlessly transitioned from her successful college volleyball career to the corporate world. With a passion for excellence and an unwavering dedication to her work, Elena has quickly established herself as a valuable asset in her role.



    Corporate Secretary

    Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jasmine’s vibrant sense of humor brings a contagious energy to the office. She effortlessly lightens the mood during tense moments, fostering camaraderie and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.



    Corporate Secretary

    Kimberly Fernandez is a powerhouse of talent, known for her formidable determination, unwavering focus, and exceptional abilities.

    Joshua Flynn

    Joshua Flynn

    President of Marketing / NFT Development Specialist

    Joshua has experience in technology and digital business strategy and has been architecting IT systems and developing software for years.  Joshua’s real focus is building the Vucoworld metaverse and integrating the crypto blockchain technology to the Vucoworld system.
      Muhammad Hussain

    Muhammad Hussain

    Crypto and Blockchain Expert / Metaverse Specialist

    Hussain has 15 years experience in web development using JavaScript (React, Angular), Python (Django), and AWS. He has been an important problem solver in the teams and never failed to deliver quality work with his hard work and problem-solving skills.
    Sultan Muhammad Noor us Saqlain

    Sultan Muhammad Noor us Saqlain

    Crypto and Blockchain Expert / Metaverse Specialist

    Sultan has 16 years of expertise in art design, development and deployment of low latency, high performance multi node C++ complex systems. His strong algorithmic background and industrial experience in Crypto currency and cloud storage systems development makes him a great candidate for a large variety of challenging projects inside Vucoworld.

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